Do Fashion Designers need a 9-5 in order to Survive?

While some dread working 9-5 recently Designers have expressed that the hardest thing ever was time management. So I asked do you need the 9-5 time model. They quickly said No! but then nodded and said yes and then I said where is the FREEDOM or POWER in a 9-5?Change how you do thing not what you do .

What do you really do from 9am – 5pm ? How do you as a Designer stay organized? Social Media, Calls, emails and even lunch can be a distraction but how can you really be effective? Here are some tips to start adding to your day.

Tip 1 : Set the Time – Literally get your stop watch out and for certain tasks give yourself a time limit because we all know we can spend hours designing .Make sure to put a time limit with responding to emails or orders and mostly importantly Social Media. Everything should have a limit so there is balance.

Tip 2: No “I” in Team- Seriously the more you grow the more you need help and I would say start growing a team of people where tasks that may take longer than others like admin or financials can be delegated to an expert who can do it in a flash. It might cost your upfront buts saves you a load of time in which you can be working on something else.

Tip 3: Prioritize perfectly – What will give you results NOW? Meaning how do you prioritize your to do list? Do you prioritize in order of importance or time it takes to get it done? Remember some things can wait if the result won’t make a positive outcome in your bottom line or a new opportunity.

Remember the creative side comes naturally but in order to get results balancing is the key. Run your Fashion Brand like Business so it can thrive like a Brand.


Deal or No Deal ?

Designers if a buyers says ” I want to purchase your collection “however with stipulations in which some tweaks need to be made . Would you tweak or stick to your aesthetic even through the order is a great financial gain ? Tell us WHY ? #fashionisabusiness #FDBA

3 Tips for your Fashion Business in 2014

5, 4,3,2,1 HAPPY …….. Well we are not there yet but add these to your notes for continued success in 2014!

1. Pull Out Your Road Map and modify as needed - YES that road map is your beautiful plan known by many as the business plan , if you do not have one wake up and get to work on it . Question : How can you run a business if you don’t know where your at where , where your headed and  where you want to be and how your going to make that money flow come in easy as pie
2. What’s Up - yes get involved with customers and ask them for there feedback , what do they want what do they need and LISTEN really LISTEN „ not everything is about what you want.. Are you buying your own stuff ? NO so listen and make things happen ( of course within your brands promise)
3. Can I Google you ? yes do it… put your name and see what comes up … hmmm Can Customers find you ?Create multiple avenues ….! YES OMNI !!!! are you available in many streams if not then get there. get online, international , different states, cities, in stores, wholesale , and every avenue that your customer is in tuned with on social media , remember if you don’t know who your girl is then how will you sell to her?
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Your talent in fashion doesn’t mean shit !

Imagine a fashion Mogul telling you : Your talent in Fashion don’t mean Shit !

I’ll never forget that cold winter morning walking into Russell Simmons office in NYC for an exclusive private chat about 3 things important to him , family, business and peace. It was about 10 of us Fashion Students eager to learn and hear from one of the top fashion and music moguls , I’ll never forget how he started the conversation ” Are you guys freezing your butts off or what ? we laughed and then he began swiftly ” Don’t wait and let people knock on your door to reach success! What sets you apart from others that may be more talented than you is “balls” . If you have the balls to ask for what you want and put yourself out to the universe ” Success will come .. Fear will get in the way and you will never learn anything new or never experience anything new with the mentality that people need to reach out to you( STAY HUMBLE) .. We all sat back and listened the air was filled with warmth , truth but overall peace.. As his legendary brother walks in Rev. Run from Run DMC he sits down and says “oh sorry to interrupt but what we talking about ” Russell says ” words of wisdom and then Rev Run summed it up ” NEVER GIVE UP” It was funny because he wasn’t in the room to hear Russell’s dialog but yet summed it up so easily.

Those are the conversations that are worth waking up early, going above and beyond and saying TODAY I will do the unthinkable to get nothing but unthinkable and memorable results.

One my my coaches always says to us”If you say you can’t afford  something then you can’t afford in  believing in yourself and that the universe will provide. Would you agree ?

Designers do the unthinkable ..Build a brand not just a clothing line.

Why some Fashion Designers don’t have manners ?

While many wait for the Holidays to say Thank You and in my opinion you shouldn’t quite frankly because without customers there are no sales and without sales there is no business so here are some tips you can implement this season or ongoing in 2014 to show your appreciation and great ways to survey and see what your audience wants or likes.

" I Will Marry You" -Loyalty Programs are so popular these days and while I like some models of the programs I am not one to do what others do so if you have or been thinking about a loyalty program spice it up and take pertinent information like an anniversary or birthday and focus on ONE specialty event in your customers life and create a loyalty program around that special day! Big value in smaller ways has a better return.

 Dear, I love you , Personal & Direct are my favorite , who writes cards anymore and who sends out snail mail ? Well research shows that there is a part of the brain that flickers in excitement when someone receives a gift in the mail. (DIRECT MARKETING is NOT DEAD) Even special cards are cute but go above and beyond  and think about what really represents your brand? I am not referring to always offering something “ free” People do not want always want something” free”  as crazy as that may sound in fact they want value and the WIFIM ” (what’s in it for me”)

Where is the Champagne?-  Who doesn’t love VIP parties ? Take it back to old school style and do it up BIG without spending one dime! Yes mixed methods involving a venue other designers music etc all sponsored because who doesn’t like a free way of promoting to potential. Need help with planning one?email us .

Overall whatever you do make sure you are saying “ THANK YOU” and doing it from the heart , it’s the littlest things that makes your audience want to continue doing business with you

6 Tips Designers need to know about making REAL $Cha-ching$ during the Holidays!

The holidays are so sweet so why not sweeten it up with a master plan of making sales with your fashion line . Below are some great tips to put on your holiday list.

Marketing campaigns need to be what’s up!-  Be creative with colors and products that complement each other which is a great time to get out that inventory on products that are not that popular .Highlight those features and benefits to  the max . Need help with wording hit us up with “ what’s up

Get the word Out!- I like to add a little old school mix when getting the word out ! Yes PICK up that phone , write a cute letter and yes social media connects with masses but don’t forget to do something extra ordinary with your existing customers , If people like ,know and trust you they will BUY from you . yes it is that simple!

Don’t be afraid to be DIFFERENT- Yea who cares if your campaign is a little controversial as long as it gets a little attention from your “Target market “then BOOM it’s a hit! That’s who you want to attract anyways so don’t be afraid to really go outside the box and don’t do what others do. BE YOU!

Mix it up like a Martini – Yummy on the rocks but ice it up with your favorite designers that you shop from and paint the picture to your customer. Everyone needs a fit to celebrate for NYE so think 5 steps ahead and bring the personal shopper out of you and cater to personality not what’s in style.

Say what you mean and mean what you say – The masses have all these silly signs that try to trick the customer of what is free what is discounted etc and its annoying to checkout online and your total does not match so don’t be shady and make sure you are clear about what is free or what is discounted, leaves a bad impression if your just about the sale. Be authentic and act with integrity always

GOALLLLLLLLL- I love when the referee in soccer screams goallllllllll in soccer! yup work out your game plan that every day you have a sales goal. Monday are the slowest days for retail besides cyber Monday so what will you do different in each category ?

Overall have fun and remember the holidays is about giving with abundance so make some time to give from the heart and the universe will pay you back in full !

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Talent doesn’t get you sales in the Fashion Industry but birds do ….


I remember when I was a younger and I auditioned to go to School of the Arts Hisgh school for Theatre & Dance and lord I was nervous , I read my lines and studied every movement .I think i stalked the post man the entire summer waiting for that letter and when it finally arrived I couldn’t believe it ….Yup, I got rejected into the dance department and accepted into the theatre department so I had to re-audition for dance in my first year of school . However I thought I was stronger with my dance techniques in ballet and was so confident I would get in for both . WRONG but later to find out it wasn’t my talent which was the reason all for the denial.

You see as fashion designers we have our niche and there are designers popping up left and right and some don’t even design from scratch they kind of just re-create the wheel and put a label on it and buyers are surely taking note. Do you watch project runway and your screaming talking to the TV because you feel your favorite designers got sacked for all the wrong reasons well let me set the record straight it’s not about talent ! To be a successful fashion designer YOU do not have to have talent ? LOL

Let me explain ….. You see when people like , know and trust you they will become apart of your tribe and support you in evry way . If they can relate to you they feel a sense of being apart of your world. I like to call them beautiful Birds.. YES ,the BIRDS are the people who create the buzz around who you are and what your doing with or without you knowing its like free advertising and some will probably never wear you designs but they feel so compelled in what your doing and those birds help make sales .Talent is overrated because each buyer has a target market and you may just not fit in that cycle so don’t take it personal . BUT Customers listen to birds which entices them to check you out and BUY..So start thinking about the birds in your circle of friends or customers. Do you know who they are and do you appreciate them ?

Today post some sort of appreciation to those precious birds that fly high in conversation about you or your brand because the closer they are and the more your attract the more sales you will have because birds bring sales but of course only if you have a brand and not a just a clothing line.

Fashion is a business ? Do you know how to run it ?

Sleep will make you or break you !

Yup ! Sleep is oh so yummy especially when you have comfy pillows and blankets and its warm and cozy .. okay you get the point .. but I am not talking about sleeping for our bodies to rest I am talking about sleeping or should I say ignoring the business side of fashion ! I think we passively ignore it because we don’t understand it or its’ just to complicated. Here is the easy button 

It will make you or break you - if you were going on a road trip to California would you wing it without a map or have some sort communication with siri, google or even a friend ? We often wing it mentally and sleep on the fact that this business side of fashion can be overwhelming and stressful and as artist we just want to focus on the craft but what will break you is that you can design all day and all night but it you don’t sell you wont gain anything especially the time spent. Beautiful Plans like I like to call are so essential ( business plans) no its doesn’t have to be long and boring but it needs to have a clear path of where you want to be and how will you get there. Do you agree if your doing the same thing you wont get different results ?

Even Sleeping beauty needs help - nothing amazing happens overnight and nothing worth working for can be done alone. My mentors always tell me when you invest in continuous learning your investing in something greater something that you cant even put your finger on . No one in this world knows everything and if your not continuously learning from others or investing in yourself to see greater good than how could you progress? Taking action starts with investing in yourself and acting like a business. Small business owners invest all the time to improve their business so what makes you different ? fashion ? no because fashion is a business

Whether you don’t know how or can’t as long as you know that sleeping on the most influential part if your fashion brand will hurt you rather then help you . Wake up  and don’t be afraid to ask or seek for the help you need to get you where you want to be .

and always remember , Fashion is a Business, Not a Runway

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