Drake says “No New Friends ” Barbie says ???

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I swear when I am at the Gym that’s when I really listen to the lyrics of music so as I finished a deadly workout this weekend ,Usually I take one hour on Sundays to regroup and plan for my week and as I put together my list I noticed I would write out the task followed by a slash and a persons name. It was later I glanced to make sure I didn’t forget anything and there the lyrics hit me . ” No new friends “Say what ? looking at this list I was quickly reminded that the empire I am building is comprised of MANY people . Of course I have the vision but execution comes with leadership . right ?

First let me ask you this ” if you are doing everything will everything get done ?” Seriously No and don’t event try to say yes !  It’s funny that I had this control syndrome that I needed to design, I needed to sew , I  needed to sell and market and PR and blah blah blah .While I preach that you must understand these elements and do some while your starting out because of costs my point is at one point you need to LET GO ! If you do the same thing you will not get different results. So let go and start delegating !

Secondly , the Fashion industry is not only booming but its changing . Do you invest in yourself to learn , to be coached, to be advised, to be helped ? I will never forget my first fashion mentor , she would help me to the max and then she asked me , so if your serious show me ? I later saw an invoice and almost had a heartache but then I said ” Favala you do not know everything and you never will and if you invest in yourself to continue learning your brand will reap the benefits and you could help others .I sure am glad I did that and not too mention now in my life I have business coaches and a TEAM of wisdom , the dream team of VERY successful woman and men in and out of his industry that are go getters. You see the TEAM doesn’t always have to be in fashion but has to understand your vision because fashion is a business. Invest in YOU

Lastly, a team isn’t always about what people do for you but what people do WITH you , let me explain. The buzz of May Kay and Hebalife is insane and these brand ambassadors are selling products but ultimately they are adding others to this circle with one purpose. Create a purpose and get others on your team that believe in what you do , It makes your life easier . The team does the real work with just living the lifestyle you created.

If you cant write your “to do” list and write peoples names next to them that either can assist  or you can go to for knowledge then your brand is needing the help . You owe it to yourself and your customers. In order to grow you must fly out of your own space of control and take action and add just a  few “new friends” will do just the trick.

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Fashion & Business are always in style

If you haven’t heard me rant about ” fashion is a business and not a runway then here it goes one more time , FASHION IS A BUSINESS!

This weekend I was doing what I do best ” shopping” and I ran into a young lady who was getting inspiration for her new collection . So I began speaking to her and she was on her 4th collection for the year and I said  WOW that is amazing , where could I see your collections and she proceeded to tell me that she she has only sold a few here and there and her future goals for buyers etc . So I then asked ” what else is your brand comprised of ? she quickly said just clothes so I began to ask her where does she get her inspirations for her lines and she said her grandfather used to be photographer and when she was a child she would spend hours in the dark room and began a passion for photography and not just any photography vintage old looks. So her line mirrors that era, I said wow so why don’t you have that apart of your brand since its a passion ? she looked at me eyes wide opened , giggled and said how ?

You see we are all comprised of passions and in fashion we have different customers and in this BUSINESS ;clothing is just one facet that you can offer your customer so if you add  many elements in to your brand the possibilities are endless.  What do you offer your customers besides a piece of clothing ? Besides the experience ? Do you offer a brand that encompasses a lifestyle ? While Fashion is a Business , fashion should represent you because “You are your brand  and if people like you they will do business with you “-KK


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I designed a collection now how do I get buyers  ?

When I first started designing in college I didn’t even know what a “ real buyer “ was let’s just say the cash sales from customers made me happy and as long as I didn’t have to eat ramen noodles I was happy but then it dawned to me “what was my next step ? Yup this question was so frequent in my head that I started having dreams about it and kept me on edge because I needed to know what they want.  They as in “buyers” what do buyers really want and how do I get them? Later I realized that I wasn’t the only designer having this infamous question. For every designer I work with this is the most popular question so here’s what my easy button says: If you have a strong fashion brand, buyers will detect it without you even selling it to them (point blank)… so your real question should be “Do I have strong fashion brand?”

Here are some of my snap snap tips to see if you’re close to establishing that brand?

Snap 1- Have you done your Beautiful Plan (some might call it the scary Business Plan) The map that gels your business aspect with fashion. Think of it this way without a map where do you know where you’re going? Do you really have a fashion brand that encompasses who you are? Does it really connect with your target audience and your entire vision/ lifestyle and purpose? I like to always reflect on why I started designing clothes in the first place because that reason always leads to a higher meaning.

Snap 2- Show us what you got? Building a strong fashion brand is basically mirroring what you love and what else you have to offer to the world besides fashion that is your passions. The reality is not everyone is going to wear your clothing but if you can impact a wider audience through your line, make money from it and leave the same impact would you do it? Now that’s what you call a fashion footprint!

Snap 3- Do your Homework, you can’t expect to make people happy, excited and motivated about being in tuned with your brand if it’s the wrong audience.  I always say “who’s your girl, what does she do, where does she shop, how much money does she make etc  . You can’t even begin to approach a buyer if your customer doesn’t even shop there. If you understand your audience you will understand the buyer’s behavior.

So as you can see there is no easy button for buyers  and while there’re many elements in getting a “ real “ buyer  the facts say it all : a buyer needs no introduction  to a line because it’s speaks for itself in everything that it has to offer and in this industry that is your sales pitch . Don’t get me wrong they look at your collection; they look at your sales which don’t always have to be warranted but most importantly they look at your social media involvement. At the end of the day a buyer wants to buy a line that will sell to new customers and keep old customers because fashion ultimately is dollar for dollar.

Does your brand speak without saying “I am just a clothing line; if your answer is yes then you have a brand!

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Because if your a skeptic all the time in your life then you wont take chances and you take risks ! Even my first words were doubtful when I started but in fashion to make money you have have to spend money ! Are you ready to help your dreams come true without loans and working for others ???
Watch the video and ask me how …

Because if your a skeptic all the time in your life then you wont take chances and you take risks ! Even my first words were doubtful when I started but in fashion to make money you have have to spend money ! Are you ready to help your dreams come true without loans and working for others ???

Watch the video and ask me how …



Alexander McQueen Spring 2009 RTW


Alexander McQueen Spring 2009 RTW

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